Capulin Cherry (Prunus salicifolia) is native to much of Mexico south to western Guatamala. Grown widely and cherished throughout much of western South America, naturalizing widely in the Andes region. A beautiful semi-evergreen subtropical cherry specie, it can take frosts down to about 19 F. Very productive of sweet red cherries that are great for fresheating and jams. Striking fall color, though some leaves tend to hang through the winter. Doesn't need winter chill to set fruit. Hardy zones 8-10.

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Capulin Cherry Scionwood and Seedling Starter Plugs

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Merritt Capulin Cherry Cutings or Scionwood

From the extensive permaculture gardens at Merritt College ...

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Peruvian Capulin Cherry Seedling Plug

Dark red sweet fruit is abundantly produced from these fast ...

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