Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I know when inventory is updated and I product I want will become available

  • The best way to ensure that you will know when a product is available is to  put your email in where it says "notify me" for a product out of stock, you will be emailed as soon as that products inventory is updated.

When is the inventory updated for Scions?

  • Usually by the 2nd to third week in November we estimate our inventory.  We update it again in January once everything is cut and bundled.

When is the inventory updated for plugs?

  • Usually plug inventory is updated in June and again in September.

When will my order ship?

  • For scions and cuttings the earliest we can ship is the 2-3rd week in January after plants have gone dormant.
  • Scions and cutting wood can not be cut until all the wood is dormant. The timing of this depends on the weather but usually happens early-late December in our mild California climate. Once the wood goes dormant we go out and prune our whole collection of "Mother plants". As we prune we are cutting all the variety to selling size, then it is counted, organized inventoried and finally put in our commercial refrigerators.  This is a big process and is usually done by the 2-3 week in January.  As soon as this process finishes, we start shipping.
  • Please put the date when you would like your order to ship in the comments section when you check out and we will ship on that date - That way you can reserve your wood now, but have it shipped at the appropriate time.  We keep would dormant in our commercial refrigerators.
  • Otherwise we start shipping by whose order came in first and second by location. For example orders to the warmer South East will ship out sooner than orders to the North East, again unless the customer has specified a shipping date.

Why did the inventory get put on, if your not shipping until later?

  • We estimate our inventory in November even though we can't cut it until December/January when the trees, bushes, vines go dormant. We do this because customers get impatient and want to order earlier and see what we have.
  • We update our inventory once the propagation wood is all cut around the end of January.  So if  you missed the boat on the first round of shipping put your email in the "notify me" section by the product and you will get an email as soon as that product becomes available again.

If I order plugs and scions will or can they ship at different times? 

  • No.  We will only ship plugs and scions at separate times if they are put in as separate orders.

Can I add to my order?

  • No combining or adding to orders. Also, items cannot be switched for something else after the order has been put in.
  • While we fully understand your desire to not pay further base shipping fees, we are no longer able to accommodate such requests. While we understand that most such requests are very reasonable, the reality is the sheer number of addition requests is huge and every one of them takes a fair amount of time. We get many requests daily and it all adds up. We try our best to get the inventory of everything we offer on our website at one time so folks can order everything at once, but with so many items that we offer and the nature of when items become available it is not always fully possible. We encourage you to join the ranks of our customers who put in orders on a regular basis as new items become available.  We are sorry we cannot accommodate these requests and Thank you for your understanding.