Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When will my order ship?

Why did the inventory get put on, if your not shipping until later?

If I order plugs and scions will or can they ship at different times? 

Can I add to my order?

  • No combining or adding to orders.
  • While we fully understand your desire to not pay further base shipping fees, we are no longer able to accommodate such requests. While we understand that most such requests are very reasonable, the reality is the sheer number of  addition requests is huge and every one of them takes a fair amount of time. We get many requests daily and it all adds up. We try our best to get the inventory of everything we offer on our website at one time so folks can order everything at once, but with so many items that we offer and the nature of when items become available it is not always fully possible. We encourage you to join the ranks of our customers who put in orders on a regular basis as new items become available.  Thank you for your understanding.