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We are a family run permaculture farm and nursery located on the Klamath River in the far northwestern corner of California. We’re dedicated to the purpose of preserving and promoting botanical diversity and making our unique and extensive plant collection available to the public. Our goal is to help you efficiently and economically grow a diverse array of fruiting and other useful plants to bountifully stock your edible landscape, homestead or farm. Growing your own starts can save you a substantial amount of money and also empowers you to be fully at the creative helm of your planting projects. It can take a lot of plants to create and maintain a rich and productive landscape. To have the skills and resources to make, replace or change over your plantings gives you a real advantage in keeping them at maximum yield and satisfaction.

We have opened our new online store to make these resources available. As always we use only organic methods and no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMO products.

Please shop our on-line store for cuttings wood, scionwood, divisions, liners and seed for a wide selection of fruiting bushes, vines, fruit and nut trees, perennial vegetables, as well as other useful homestead plants.

Check out our selection of Well-Rooted Cutting Plugs and Rooted Seedling Plugs. Get a headstart growing plants for your edible landscape!

We also offer custom grafting and propagation for your unique planting projects.

Come shop at our on-site farm nursery. We offer many great varieties of fruiting plants that are ready to plant out year around. For an appointment and directions please contact us at corrinaandmarc@fruitwood nursery.com.

Firethorn is a great thorny evergreen ornamental shrub or small tree that is loaded with red berries in the fall that are relished by birds and other wildlife. The berries contain cyanogenic glucosides, as do the seeds of apples and many stone fruits, and need to be crushed and thoroughly washed with running water to remove before using for human food. The high vitamin C berries can be made into jelly, but their most outstanding use is as winter food for birds. Very tough plants can grow in challenged locations, and are very useful for making a thorny barrier or hedge where human traffic is not wanted. The showy flowers are relished by the bees and make a great honey. The fast growing foliage can be coppiced back and feed as a nutritious and relished feed for goats and other livestock. Hardy zones 6-9.

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Firethorn (Pyracantha) Cuttings Wood

Klamath Red Firethorn Cuttings Wood.

An excellent variety that we found growing under one of our ...

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Santa Cruz Firethorn Cuttings Wood

A superior firethorn variety with very dark red berries and ...

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