Shipping and handling charges;

West of the Rockies- 10.00 base price plus 15% of the subtotal.

East of the Rockies- 12.00 base price, plus 20% of the subtotal.

Shipping is via USPS Priority mail and packages should be received the same week as shipped. All packages will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday to facilitate them making it to you before the weekend. We can give a quote for expedited shipping to the east coast if desired. Depending on the rest of the order plug trays and other bulky non- perishable items could be shipped via regular ground mail. We ship our plant propagation materials during the dormant season, mid-November through mid-May. Special orders for summer budwood, or summer cutting wood can be made. They will need to be shipped via overnight or second day shipping. Contact us for information for summer orders and the cost of expedited shipping. Cost of summer cutting wood or scionwood is the same as our regular dormant season materials, but the cost of shipping will be more.

All scion and cuttings wood is shipped wrapped in moist paper in plastic bags to keep from drying out in transit.

We will watch the weather in the transit route to you and only ship when the coast looks clear for safe arrival without incurring freeze or heat damage. Please let us know if you have a desired time you would like your order shipped.

Foreign Orders- We ship to many countries all over the globe, as long as the desired plant material is allowed into the country in question. If you write telling us what you are interested in and where you are we can check to see if it is ok to send to you. There is usually a need for a phytosanitary inspection and certificate, which costs 50.00. Shipping is calculated on an individual per order basis, and generally runs higher than our East Coast shipping price.