Shipped with care and at your request

All scion and cuttings wood is shipped, labeled and wrapped in moist paper towel in plastic bags to keep them from drying out in transit.

Please indicate when you would like us to ship your order in the notes section on our order page.

Domestic Shipping and handling charges:

  • West of the Rockies: $10 base fee plus 15% of the order subtotal.
  • East of the Rockies: $12 base fee, plus 20% of the order subtotal.

Shipping is via USPS Priority mail and packages should be received the same week as shipped. Generally packages will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday to facilitate them making it to you before the weekend. We ship our cuttings and scionwood through the dormant season. With our refrigeration we can store and then ship most varieties from late November through mid May, though we recommend to ship before mid March so they can make the trip during cooler weather.

International Shipping

$15.00 base fee, plus 30% of the order subtotal. On top of this all international orders need to have a phytosanitary inspection and certificate, which costs $70.00. This will be automatically charged at checkout and is the same for any size order.

For all international orders please contact us in advance via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can make sure the plant materials you want are allowed into the country you are in. Also some countries also require an import permit which potentially could be hard to get.

Note: Our International shipping fee may not charge enough for Priority shipping to all areas. We will send you a supplimental invoice for such orders if you desire this upgraded shipping, which is recommended. The charge will always be enough for First Class shipping, but for going long distances Priority is highly recommended.

No Split or Combined Orders

No Split Orders

We no longer ship parts of orders at different times. Instead please place separate orders if different shipping times are desired.

  • Rooted cutting and seedling plugs can be shipped year round as long as the weather isn't too extremely hot or cold.
  • Please email us for Budwood orders. They are $5.00/stick.

No combining or adding to orders

While we fully understand your desire to not pay further base shipping fees, we are no longer able to accommodate such requests. While we understand that most such requests are very reasonable, the reality is the sheer number of addition requests is huge and every one of them takes a fair amount of time. We get many requests daily and it all adds up. We try our best to get the inventory of everything we offer on our website at one time so folks can order everything at once, but with so many items that we offer and the nature of when items become available it is not always fully possible. We encourage you to join the ranks of our customers who put in orders on a regular basis as new items become available. Thank you for your understanding.

If I order plugs and scions will or can they ship at different times?

No. We will only ship plugs and scions at separate times if they are put in as separate orders.

Cancelled Orders

Any cancelled orders will need to be charged a 4% fee as paypal doesn't refund us for the charges they take out of orders.

When will my order ship?

If you requested a shipping date in the note section at check out, we will ship on that date.

Generally orders are shipped 1-7 days from the date they are received depending on the day of the week and time of year, they come in. We usually ship Mondays-Wednesdays.

  • Orders that contain only plugs are shipped 1-7 days from the date the order is received unless they are delayed due to unsafe weather transit issues.
  • Orders for plugs as well as scions/cutting wood will be shipped according to when we ship dormant scions and cutting wood. (see below)

Dormant scion and cutting wood orders placed November-January
- Why the delay
- Our process for harvesting

We will start shipping once the product has gone dormant and can be harvested. We usually start shipping the 2-3rd week in January.

Once the harvest is in, there tends to be a very large back log of orders. Unless you requested a specific shipping date, we will ship according to whose order came in first, and your geographical location.

Scions and cutting wood can not be cut until all the wood is dormant. The timing of this depends on the weather but usually happens early-late December in our mild California climate. Once the wood goes dormant we go out and prune our whole collection of "Mother plants". As we prune we are labeling and cutting all the different varieties to selling size, they are counted bundled, inventoried and finally put in our commercial refrigerators. This is a big process we are working with Mother Nature and her weather patterns of winter storms including cold, rain and snow. We usually hope to be done by the 2-3 week in January. As soon as this process finishes, we start shipping!

Winter Shipping for cold weather climates

If you did not request a shipping date at check out, we will ship your order when the weather seems safe to ship.

Approximate Schedule for shipping by geographical area (depending on the variables of weather)

  • Pacific NW, Pacific SW, CA, TX and most areas of the SE: We ship ASAP.
  • KS, OK, IN, OH and PA: We try to ship by late February to the beginning and middle of March.
  • For colder weather climates (in the Inter Mountain west, Plains states, Northern Midwest and the Northeast): we usually ship by the middle to end of March.